Next up: Sleep

Sleep, you black-eyed pig,
fall into a deep pit full of ghosts.
– Icelandic lullaby, early 19th century.

Greetings from Iceland, where the sun barely makes it above the horizon at this time of the year. It’s November already, which means that we’ve embarked on the second monthly topic at The Idea List. Rather fittingly for the season, we’re dedicating it to Sleep – a universal activity that could not be more personal. On average, humans spend around a third of their day sleeping, but it remains an activity as unchartered as this country’s inland mountains.
So, make yourself a cup of cocoa, put on your nightgowns and check back regularly before going to bed.
And if you haven’t already seen it: Here’s a handy overview page showing you all articles from October’s exploration on Endings.
Night night,
your friends at The Idea List